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You have given me freedom to create video courses sharing the best of what I know from the comfort of my own home!  For that I am extremely grateful and hope every day to help you to have the same opportunity!


How do I make myself available to listen to what you need and provide a thoughtful response? With millions of followers sharing hundreds of messages with me each day, I am limited in my ability interact with everyone. I choose to devote the majority of my time reading and replying to members of our partner program here because we all collaborate in helping each other!

What is the Jerry Banfield Partner Program?

  1. PRIMARY PURPOSE!  Our primary purpose in the partner program is to help each member start, grow, and maintain a self-sustaining businesses online.
  2. MEMBERSHIP COMMUNITY AND SUPPORT GROUP! We are a membership community focused on supporting each other in working full time online which consistently includes reaching the next level and giving back the most we can each day to help make the world of our dreams together!
  3. HOW IT WORKS?  We collaborate and communicate in a private partner chat room on discord, in weekly calls on the partner voice chat room on discord, and in private messages with each other.
  4. RELATIONSHIP BUILDING!  Our relationships among partners allow us to provide the best feedback and develop the most effective methods of working together which empowers us to collectively to succeed!
  5. BECOMING A MEMBER?  How do we build a community of entrepreneurs interested in helping each other which includes those we will be best able to connect with while excluding those primarily motivated by self-interest?  Our cost of membership helps us bring in those that are willing to make an investment in our community and provides many exclusive rewards!

Partners Enjoy These Exclusive Rewards!

  1. ACCESS TO ALL MY HD VIDEO COURSES!  Enroll in all of my video courses at no additional cost as partner!
  2. WEEKLY PARTNER VOICE CALLS! Partners get exclusive access to a voice chat channel on discord where we meet once a week on different days and times to discuss what we are doing!  Partners also enjoy a text messaging channel with priority responses from me and exclusive collaborations!
  3. UPVOTES ON STEEM!  Partners gain exclusive access to an auto voter with 15,000+ Steem power dedicated to voting on posts by partners!  The maximum upvote is 100% every two days or 50% for one post a day to help incentivize writing higher quality posts instead of maximizing quantity.
  4. RESTEEMS ON STEEM!  Each week I intend to resteem the best post by each partner to help my millions of followers online to get to know each of my partners!
  5. PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS!  Become a partner to get an unlimited license to reuse to all of my videos! To get access, make the request on the discord server after joining and I will reply with the sign in information to my Dropbox partner account with thousands of my videos including complete courses! You then have a license to do whatever you want with the videos as long as you have an active partner subscription or for life if you buy lifetime access! This means as a partner I give you permission to modify and upload my videos however you would like including on YouTube, Teachable, or anywhere else! If you make sales or ad revenue, you get to keep everything! If you were the first to make a YouTube channel with edited versions of my videos, I would guess you could build a big following that way!
  6. ACCESS TO PRIVATE MESSAGE!Wit  h the number of people wanting to contact me privately high and my time per day very limited to respond, I choose to only accept private messages from partners because then I have time to make a thoughtful response to each message.

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