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We help each other through relationships based in trust and experience with one common goal of maintaining our own self-sustaining businesses online that adds value to our world.

When most of us become a member of the University of Jerry Banfield by subscribing on this page, we are hoping to someday build a full time business online. Often we are already making a few hundred dollars a month and hoping to reach the next level where we will be earning thousands. We usually have been trying to do it on our own long enough to realize that we need help to make the transition from a hobby to a full time business where we do not need to do anything else to earn money. Those of us most ready to make the transition realize what we need are mentors that are already at the destinations we are trying to reach. Within the University of Jerry Banfield, all of our members that stay at least a year and actively build relationships with us reach that next level of thousands of dollars a month online. Every member that has stayed for more than a year now earns enough from working online to not need any additional employment. We appreciate you learning how to join us today and are imagining the opportunity to collaborate in building a beautiful future together!


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