The Complete Cryptocurrency Investing Course!

taught by Jerry Banfield
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Where are the best opportunities today to get started with investing in cryptocurrencies online?  How do we pick which digital currency will give us the greatest return?  Which community can we be a part of that will help us the most to share our creativity with the world and get paid for it?  Who will show us the traps to avoid getting started and share their own mistakes honestly?  When is the right time to invest?  Will you take this course because inside you will get answers to these questions which will are empowering us to join in and profit from the biggest innovation in finance we have ever seen?

Why is taking this course now the best chance to both avoid missing out on the chance of a lifetime today and to skip the painful learning process of struggling to get started?  I wish someone had made this course for me when I started investing in cryptocurrencies in 2014 because the information in it would have saved me hundreds of hours of time wasted making pointless trades and thousands of dollars lost in watching prices drop only to panic and sell low after buying high.  In creating this course, my hope is for you to skip the painful learning process I went through to gather what I share here with you and jump immediately into making a powerful investment that will last a lifetime!

Will you join us by enrolling in The Complete Cryptocurrency Investing Course today because we are ready to help answer your questions?


Jerry Banfield

Jerry Banfield
Jerry Banfield
Teaches 82 Classes Online

In 2011, I started my business online while working on my PhD to help people with video game addiction. When I tried to share my new venture with the world, I quickly became frustrated with the limited means of learning how to promote my website and chose to learn by making every mistake myself. In realizing everyone else must be having the same problem, I applied my experience to helping clients in more than twenty countries and then to teaching millions of students on YouTube. Over 1% of people on earth (100+ million) have seen something I have created from my Facebook ads to my viral gaming videos to my Happier People podcast featuring inspirational videos to my free tutorials with millions of views! When you take one of my classes, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to continue being of service to you online and I try to show that by adding new videos to my classes daily. I have a wife and daughter I am grateful to see each day while working at home. For $50,000 and six years of of my life, I got a two pieces of paper saying I have a bachelor’s degree from the University of South Carolina and a master’s degree from the University of South Florida. I hope the courses I teach here make learning valuable skills that give you a chance to design your own lifestyle easier than it was for me!

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Automatic crowdfunding for anything!
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