Teach Full Time Online with Thinkific!

Teach Full Time Online with Thinkific!

taught by Jerry Banfield
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Would you like to see how to start teaching online today because this is the most effective way I have found to build a business online after trying over 90 other methods? Use this course to gain motivation to start a new business teaching video courses online or to scale up an existing system!

What will you love about this course?  Join me in starting FROM ZERO as I film the first video BEFORE I EVEN SIGNED UP for Thinkific to having earned $11,637 28 days later! As I am updating this description on August 1, 2017 the new total is $27,027.00 making this the fastest I have ever earned money online starting a new venture in 6 years!  After 3 years of hosting my courses on websites like Udemy, Skillshare, Stackskills, Curious, Skillsuccess, Amazon Video Direct for Amazon Prime customers, and Teachable, today I can say with confidence that Thinkific is the best for earning income because I have complete control over my school!

How long did it take me to earn $10,000 teaching on other websites?  On Udemy, it took me over a year to make my first $10,000 despite thousands of hours of work and almost ten of thousands of dollars advertising. On Skillshare it took well over a year even with 80 classes to make $10,000. On Stackskills making over $10,000 required partnering with other instructors to teach technical courses on Linux and ethical hacking. On Curious and Skillsuccess I still have not made over $10,000 even though my Curious account went up in 2014! With Amazon Video Direct, even though hundreds of thousands of minutes have been watched by Amazon Prime customers, I still have not even earned $1,000 in over six months! To make $10,000 on Teachable took about six months but the interface was so bad I deleted my school rather than continue to trudge through it.

With Thinkific, it took less than four weeks to earn over $10,000 by making a few videos on my YouTube channel previewing the course!  If that is not enough, Thinkific makes it easy to setup email automation, course certificates, reviews, subscriptions, lifetime access bundles, and discussions. The Thinkific system for hosting courses is so amazing that I have stopped uploading my courses anywhere else to focus primarily on creating value here!

When you take this course, you will see inside exactly what I did during my first month on Thinkific in a vlog style class following along my progress.  What I hope you get out of this course is motivation combined with practical tips to launch and scale your own school online! Thank you very much for reading this!

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Jerry Banfield

Jerry Banfield
Jerry Banfield
Teaches 82 Classes Online

In 2011, I started my business online while working on my PhD to help people with video game addiction. When I tried to share my new venture with the world, I quickly became frustrated with the limited means of learning how to promote my website and chose to learn by making every mistake myself. In realizing everyone else must be having the same problem, I applied my experience to helping clients in more than twenty countries and then to teaching millions of students on YouTube. Over 1% of people on earth (100+ million) have seen something I have created from my Facebook ads to my viral gaming videos to my Happier People podcast featuring inspirational videos to my free tutorials with millions of views! When you take one of my classes, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to continue being of service to you online and I try to show that by adding new videos to my classes daily. I have a wife and daughter I am grateful to see each day while working at home. For $50,000 and six years of of my life, I got a two pieces of paper saying I have a bachelor’s degree from the University of South Carolina and a master’s degree from the University of South Florida. I hope the courses I teach here make learning valuable skills that give you a chance to design your own lifestyle easier than it was for me!

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Day 6 May 14, 2017.
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Day 13 May 21, 2017.
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